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January 25

3 Tips on Working from Home

Ahhh, the elusive “work from home” position. No matter how much you love your job, there are likely at least a few days where you’ve dreamed about the ability to roll out of bed at your leisure and return emails from the couch while in sweats. The truth is, although working from home comes with […]

January 06

Spicy Thai Meatballs + Word of 2016

As I mentioned earlier this week, I truly love the beginning of a New Year and I personally think it’s fun, healthy and significant to set yearly goals (aka for all you haters out there, NY Resolutions). However, I get it that a lot of people are against “New Year’s Resolutions.” If you just can’t […]

January 04

5 Favorite Healthy Living Resources

I think people that don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions are downers. Why would you have beef with people wanting to set awesome goals for themselves and give themselves a fresh start at the beginning of a brand new year? New Year’s is actually my second favorite holiday behind the ultimate best day, Fourth of […]

October 08

Starter Kit: 5 “Must Have” Kitchen Appliances

Much of modern life is ruled by convenience. Naturally, we just want to do whatever is most convenient. This applies to me in nearly every facet of life. When I lived in LA, I would avoid entire restaurants or shopping centers just because they were on the wrong side of the road or had bad parking […]

September 23

5 “I Want to do Nothing” Workouts

Some days when life gets crazy, you don’t have time to make it to the gym in between picking the kids up, working 10 hours, going grocery shopping, watching Empire, walking your dog, and doing whatever other 15 activities you have going on that day. Some days, you are not too busy. You just don’t feel like […]

September 16

3 Ways to Tackle a Big Change

It’s been a while since I’ve written about something other than food – which I’m totally fine with, of course, since food is my everything. Coming off of the heels of my big move from California to Oklahoma, I thought it would be a good time to talk about strategies to handle change. I’ve always […]

July 21

What’s in my Grocery Cart?

I fear that this post is going to open me up to a lot of unwanted judgement. Omggg you didn’t get organic apples? The pesticides thooo, you are going to die young! WTF a paleo chocolate bar? You are a loser! You shouldn’t be supporting Sprouts as an organization, buy local!  Whatevs. With my website, […]

July 15

3 Tips to Conquer a Work Project

While I realize that not everyone’s job is necessarily deadline or event based, mine certainly is. Over the past six years, I’ve worked on countless awards shows, commercial campaigns, and large scale events. My job can be very high stress, and high pressure – and when dealing with talent as I do, it’s often very […]

July 08

3 Quick Workouts to Get Back on Track

Am I right or am I right that the week after the 4th of July is probably the most anti-workout week of the entire year? Summer is a season that just begs you to skip the gym in favor of hitting the beach, stirring up a batch of sangria, or hitting the MB Creamery for an […]