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June 10

DIY: Spray Painted Patio Furniture

When my friend Ryan recruited me to help her make over her 30+ year old patio furniture set, I instantly started having spray paint fantasies. That sounds a little weird. But seriously. You may have seen my obsession with spray paint for my bar stool DIY here, or even here with my gold spray paint […]

June 05

Outdoor Furniture Fantasies

Outdoor space is probably my number one thing that I look at when searching for an apartment or house. The inside of the house could be seriously questionable, but if it has some outdoor space that allows me to BBQ, play fetch with my dog, and read outside with a glass of wine – it […]

June 01

Creating A “Guest Ready” Home in 5 Minutes

We’ve all experienced the dreaded “pop in” visitor. It’s Tuesday night at 7PM, you’re exhausted from the first two days of your week, dreading the morning ahead, just changed into your sweats, about to order some takeout and then — the text comes. “I’m around the corner! Should I stop and say hi?” This text can come from a variety of […]

May 20

Decor Tip: Bookshelves

I’m one of what feels like the few people left in this world that loves a good hard copy of a book. Yes, I do own an iPad, and yes, I do read on it – but I try to keep reading on my iPad for vacation/traveling for work, when carrying hard copies of books […]

May 15

DIY: Gold Antler Jewelry Display

Without a doubt, two things in my life that do NOT mix are the amount of dainty gold necklaces I have and my intense OCD. Tangled necklaces (especially when in a hurry…always) take me to a level of frustration that is near 405 traffic at 10PM on a Tuesday night. I have just about lost […]

May 08

DIY: Sunny Bar Stool Makeover

When I got my first apartment after college, I was just happy to have it. It was about 500 square feet that I shared with my college roommate, two blocks from the beach, and in walking distance to plenty of bars. My design athestic…let’s just say it didn’t really exist. Our place was filled with […]

April 27

Monday Dreaming: Barn Doors

Let’s be honest. Mondays are for dreaming. Let’s escape the pain of starting another week, shall we? This Monday I’m leaving my 600 square foot beach cottage behind (I know, my life is so hard), and dreaming about the day when I have my industrial/rustic/farm chic ranch house in Denver, or Oregon, or Santa Barbara…or […]