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November 18

Creating a Picture Perfect Bed

I’m not a master decorator by any means. I don’t really know anything about interior design, and I can’t even really tell you what my “style” is – I just SORT OF know what I like. Even then, I typically get overwhelmed by choices, tend to be disappointed in results, and then want to change things 3 […]

November 03

Portobello Pizzas

One of the *many* things that I have been very excited about since moving to Tulsa is the ability to have a guest stay over in my SPARE BEDROOM. You guys don’t get it. Spare bedrooms just don’t exist in LA (or, let me revise, they didn’t in my tiiiiiny apartments). The thought of someone […]

October 21

Pumpkin Bird Feeder DIY

I want you to know that I totally realize that a bird feeder is not even an option for a lot of my readers living in the LA area with apartments or condos. But, this is my new life, and for once I can hang a bird feeder in my front yard if I feel like it. […]

October 14

5 Understated Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Tyler: “And then we can get a sound machine with the noise of just a heartbeat and play it while the trick or treaters are going around.” Me: “Can we play Monster Mash?” “No.” “Why not? I love that song.” “Not scary enough babe. Come on now.” Based on the conversation above, you can see […]

October 08

Starter Kit: 5 “Must Have” Kitchen Appliances

Much of modern life is ruled by convenience. Naturally, we just want to do whatever is most convenient. This applies to me in nearly every facet of life. When I lived in LA, I would avoid entire restaurants or shopping centers just because they were on the wrong side of the road or had bad parking […]

September 18

Dining Room Dreams

Moving to Oklahoma = cheaper rent = Ashley gets to live in a true single family home for the first time = excitement = dreams come true = Ashley realizes she has no furniture = decorating rampage = desire to purchase everything = Ashley becomes poor = Ashley can no longer afford her single family home = […]

July 02

4th of July Inspiration – Decor

All right, I’ve officially switched from dying of anticipation for the 4th of July, to now having sad feelings that it is almost over. I’m notorious for being that person that cries on the first day of vacation because they are already sad to leave. You get the idea. Luckily, I still get to tell […]

June 26

DIY: 4th of July Wreath

Be still my heart!! IT’S EIGHT DAYS UNTIL THE 4TH OF JULY! Perhaps you’ve caught on that the 4th is my favorite holiday, without reservation, 100%. In addition to my three part (totally over the top) series of holiday inspiration (food, clothing & decor), I also wanted to highlight a really easy and fun DIY […]

June 17

3 Ways to Make the Little Things Feel Special – Dinner Edition

This past weekend, I was visiting Tyler in Tulsa, Oklahoma – aka, my happy place. Tulsa is the most charming city – since it’s an old oil mecca, the city is rich in culture and history while living like a small community. It basically has all of the amenities of a big city, but lives […]