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October 06

Pumpkin Peach Muffins

Last week I mentioned that Tyler took me to an amazing pumpkin farm in Porter, a town about 45 minutes from Tulsa. Porter happens to also be the peach capital of Oklahoma, so naturally, we came home with approximately 12 too many peaches (I overexcite easily). After eating a gallon of peach salsa and enjoying […]

October 02

Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast Delight

I had no clue what to call this recipe. I wanted to call it oatmeal, because that it what the consistency most closely resembles – but there’s no oats. Quinoa-meal? That sounds disgusting. Breakfast delight sounds like something you want to start your day with….right? Sure. Anyways, we are officially in October now and it […]

October 01

Spicy Peach Salsa

One of my lifelong dreams came true last Sunday. Tyler took me to a pumpkin farm. Not a pumpkin patch on some city corner…a pumpkin farm. It was in Porter, OK (about 45 minutes away from Tulsa), which is actually the peach capital of Oklahoma. Who knew? At this pumpkin farm, they take you on […]

September 28

Endless Summer Salad

It’s super frustrating to celebrate the “first day of Fall” when it is 90 degrees outside and you’re sweating bringing groceries in from the car. This is not how Fall is supposed to roll. If I’m going to usher in a new season, I’d prefer to do it serving up a heaping bowl of chili, […]

September 22

Clean Cheating: Nachos

Well, it’s football season y’all (see me practicing my Oklahoma accent there?!). I had such a great time last night going to the high school and seeing Tyler’s nephew play under the lights. There’s something about crisp air (I guess it was 80 degrees, but still), a football game, and maybe a chunky knit sweater with […]

September 17

Garlic Rosemary Dinner Rolls + Simple Mills Product Crush

Essentially anytime somebody claims they can give me a piece of bread that aligns with eating clean, I want to marry that person. Without a shadow of a doubt, bread is the #1 thing that I miss when eating clean. There is NOTHING more that I love than to have a big loaf of freshly […]

September 15

Cuban Stuffed Pork Tenderloins

My heart is INCREDIBLY full that I am ready to start writing again now that I am more or less settled in my new home in Oklahoma. In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago I moved to Tulsa, OK from the sunny streets of Redondo Beach, CA. So far I am loving […]

August 17

Maple Mustard Grilled Chicken

Do you have a ziploc bag? Do you have a grill? Is it summer and you enjoy slightly charred chicken? Congratulations. I have something for you. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing as frequently the past few weeks, as I am prepping for a big move from LA to Oklahoma. Many, many […]

August 12

Chocolate Protein Milkshake

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you’re getting absolutely crushed? Surprise work projects pop out of nowhere, people expect you to be two places at once, every workout is the worst workout, and your dog is always barking? But then you pause and think to yourself, “But I’m SO […]