October 14

5 Understated Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Tyler: “And then we can get a sound machine with the noise of just a heartbeat and play it while the trick or treaters are going around.”

Me: “Can we play Monster Mash?”


“Why not? I love that song.”

“Not scary enough babe. Come on now.”

Based on the conversation above, you can see that Tyler and I have very different ideas when it comes to Halloween decor. He loves gory graves, scary sounds, and life-sized mummies. I tend to view Halloween through a slightly different lens – embracing the opportunity to create fall-inspired, slightly creepy designs that really only fit this time of year.

Especially if you have kids, Halloween can be a really fun time to go with everything and the kitchen sink in terms of decorations. However, there are also some really classy, creative options that are easy DIYs – perfect if you’re having an adult Halloween cocktail hour, or if you just want to show off some style.

Here are 5 that I can’t wait to try:

Halloween Decor

  1. Gold Geometric Pumpkin: Grab a gold paint pen and take 10 minutes to create this classy pumpkin collection.
  2. Bat Infested Pumpkin: This simple DIY uses bats cut from poster board to make a statement.
  3. Owl Pumpkin: A couple of easy steps and simple carving give you these original owl pumpkins!
  4. Thumbtack “Eek” Pumpkin: Create the perfect table centerpiece just using paint and thumbtacks.
  5. Chalkboard Pumpkin: This works great for kids to draw their own designs – or could work as a “menu” for a Halloween cocktail party!

Bonus: I plan on attempting this Pumpkin Bird Feeder later this week!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder_xl