September 23

5 “I Want to do Nothing” Workouts

Some days when life gets crazy, you don’t have time to make it to the gym in between picking the kids up, working 10 hours, going grocery shopping, watching Empire, walking your dog, and doing whatever other 15 activities you have going on that day.

Some days, you are not too busy. You just don’t feel like doing anything. You want to do nothing.

Uh huh honey.

Uh huh honey.

I will be totally honest with you. I genuinely love going to CrossFit, I love going to spin class, I love going for runs – but sometimes, I feel like doing nothing. Typically I’m an advocate for “just go anyways, it’s 90% of the battle,” but sometimes you just can’t get there. For the days when you feel like doing nothing, here are 5 workouts that take less than 15 minutes, require no equipment, and can be done at your house. I’ve linked youtube videos for a few of the movements that non-Crossfitters might not be familiar with – but ANYONE of ANY fitness level can do these workouts!

Don’t be lazy! Do something. But do less. Anything.

Cheesy. But truth.

Cheesy. But truth.

WORKOUT #1 – “Run and Sweat”

Set a clock for 15:00.

Run 1 mile.

With the time leftover after your mile, right away do as many rounds as possible of:

5 pushups

10 air squats

15 sit-ups

who can spy Barbara getting her run in?

who can spy Barbara getting her run in?

WORKOUT #2 – “I Want a 6 Pack”


30 seconds on, 15 seconds off of:

Front Plank

Straight leg sit-ups (sit all the way up with legs flat on the ground)

Side Plank (alternate sides each round)

Sprinter sit-ups


Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes:

Sprint for 30 seconds

12 Russian Twists (total, not per side) – to make this harder, add a weighted object


WORKOUT #3: – “You and that Booty”

10 Rounds:

10 jumping air squats

8 walking lunges per leg with hands behind head

speed skaters per side

50 high knees in place (total)

This is never me.

This is never me.

WORKOUT #4: “Jump Around”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (perform 10 of each movement, 9 of each movement, etc)

Lateral jumps/side (to make this harder, jump over an object, like a cone)


Tuck jumps


Poor sad bear!!!!

Poor sad bear!!!!

WORKOUT #5: “No really Ashley, I want to do nothing”

The perfect active recovery workout!

10 Rounds:

10 Sit-Ups

100m easy jog (when you’re at home and not sure how far 100m is, pick a distance when you’re running for 30-45 seconds)