July 08

3 Quick Workouts to Get Back on Track

Am I right or am I right that the week after the 4th of July is probably the most anti-workout week of the entire year?

Summer is a season that just begs you to skip the gym in favor of hitting the beach, stirring up a batch of sangria, or hitting the MB Creamery for an ice cream sandwich. The only saving grace is summer typically means less clothes, which is a slight motivation to stick to your workout routine.

Basically my excuse for everything last weekend.

Basically my excuse for everything last weekend.

Getting back into your workouts after a long weekend of indulging can be tough, especially when this summer attitude lingers begging you to skip it and just keep partying.

While there are some people that can dive right back into grueling workouts and protein powder for breakfast, I tend to need a more….gentle…re-introduction to reality – as you can see from my past post of 6 Ways to Get your Diet Back on Track.

These 3 workouts are my favorites to ease you back into being your normal badass self. They are quick, easy guys that will help you to break a sweat, start kicking those extra calories, and get your muscles and joints prepared to get back to work.

Commit to doing these for the rest of the week: Workout #1 today, Workout #2 Thursday, and Workout #3 on Friday. I know you’ll feel detoxed, ready to roll, and a lot healthier by this weekend!

Workout #1: The Run/Walk – 20-30 minutes

Predetermine a distance – I would suggest 3 miles. You can map it out and find the distance by using Map My Run, or simply Google Maps works too. Grab a good playlist, and you’ll use the city blocks as your markers.

  • Run your 3 miles while following this formula: Jog for 3 blocks, Sprint for 1 block. Repeat for all 3 miles.
  • The sprint intervals will help keep you interested, burn more calories, and kick up the intensity.


Workout #2: CrossFit’s “Annie” – Less than 10 minutes

CrossFit workouts are my personal favorite, but this easy combination of jump roping and ab work creates an easy, fast workout that even the most anti-CrossFit person cannot deny. You’ll need a jump rope. Set a timer for yourself.

  • The workout “Annie” is a 50-40-30-20-10 of double unders and sit-ups – meaning you would perform 50 double unders, then 50 sit-ups; 40 double unders and then 40 sit-ups, etc.
  • The point is to go as fast as possible – you should finish the workout in under 10 minutes.
  • If you cannot perform double unders, you will do 3X the amount of regular single jump ropes (150, 120, 90, 60, 30).

This fast and furious workout will torch your lungs and make your abs super sore – a great re-introduction into working out.

Annie is one of my favorite gals.

Annie is one of my favorite gals.

Workout #3: Full Body Tabata – 16 minutes

Tabata simply means working for 20 seconds, and resting for 10 seconds.

  • You will perform each exercise 8 times for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds –  a total of 4 minutes with each movement.
  • You will have 4 different movements: lunges, sit-ups, pushups & squats. So, you would do 4 minutes of lunges, 4 minutes of sit-ups, 4 minutes of pushups and 4 minutes of squats – all following the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off rule.
  • Tabatas are great because they get your heart rate up quickly, and are over before you know it!

With the combo of upper body & lower body movements, you can warm up your entire body to get it back to working condition for the rest of the week!

You weren't saying that last Saturday Uncle Sam...you were saying to drink!

You weren’t saying that last Saturday Uncle Sam…you were saying to drink!