May 15

DIY: Gold Antler Jewelry Display

Without a doubt, two things in my life that do NOT mix are the amount of dainty gold necklaces I have and my intense OCD. Tangled necklaces (especially when in a hurry…always) take me to a level of frustration that is near 405 traffic at 10PM on a Tuesday night. I have just about lost my salvation over tangled necklaces.

Hot mess express.

Hot mess express.

If you know anything about me, you know that beach life isn’t really my thing, although I do of course love where I live. Most of the time, I fantasize about living on some kind of ranch with a couple animals and a rustic/modern farmhouse. Or at least a ranch style house with a backyard and some rustic elements? I’ll compromise.

To fix my issue with tangled necklaces, I found some amazing jewelry trees that incorporated one of my favorite rustic themes: antlers. I decided rather than buy one for $75, I would try to DIY it!

photo 2

Problem solved!

This DIY project is also the first of many that will involve gold spray paint, as I kind of have an obsession with it. Like don’t enter my house for fear that I may spray paint everything you own gold. You’ve been warned.

This turned out great and was a super easy project that only costed me about $10. My necklaces have never looked better AND now I don’t have to get so frustrated when I want to wear one. Double win.



Paper mache antlers – I found these at Michaels for $5. I’m sure you could find more sturdy sets, a set of real antlers if you’re lucky, or even make your own paper mache! But this is what I found to work with.

1 can gold spray paint – I use Krylon Metallic Spray Paint color 1706 Gold Metallic

Hanging Materials – I used command strips because my bathroom walls are concrete, but you could do nails, etc.

Drop cloth or newspaper to protect your surface

photo 2


1. Cover your surface with drop cloth or newspaper (nobody likes a spray painted patio).

2.  Lay your antlers down and spray the front side with one coat of gold spray paint. Keep the can about 6-8 inches back and just sweep over it with even strokes. Let dry for 15 minutes.

photo 3

3.  Turn antlers over and spray paint the opposite side. Let dry for 15 minutes.

4.  Bring inside, measure your space, and hang with your materials! Again, I used command strips because my bathroom walls are concrete, but you could easily hammer a couple of nails into the wall to hold this.

photo 1

5.  Make sure it’s secure and completely dry, and then arrange your necklaces to your liking!

photo 4

photo 5