May 13

Lunchtime Roll Ups

These days, no matter what your occupation or lifestyle, everyone is pretty much on the go – all the time (guilty). Whereas in my previous post I mentioned that breakfast is typically the most difficult meal for people to get in a rhythm with, I have actually found lunch is a battle I fight constantly.

Surely you’re familiar with the scenario: you’re running between meetings/picking the kids up/dropping the kids off/conference calls/teaching workout classes/multiple naps – whatever your lifestyle.  You put off grabbing or making lunch because you can’t decide what to make, or can’t find a healthy option to eat out. You get hungry around 11AM, but it’s “not quite lunchtime” so you put it off. Then suddenly, it’s 2:30PM – now is it too late for lunch? You’re not sure. Gosh, life really throws curveballs doesn’t it?


Lunchtime roll ups are one of my favorite ways to make sure I get a healthy, fulfilling lunch in that takes less than 15 minutes. The greatest thing about these is that they are so easy to assemble, that you can have just one if you’re teetering towards later in the day, or eat 3-4 if you’re starved and feeling like a bigger meal! If you pack a lunch, I would recommend just packing the elements in separate ziploc baggies (meat in one, veggies in another, etc) and then assembling at work.

They’re also easily customizable. You can see the ones I made below, but I’d also love to make:

  • Turkey, cucumber, apple, walnut & goat cheese with a little balsamic vinegar
  • Pastrami, spicy mustard and coleslaw
  • Turkey, roasted red pepper, shredded pepper jack cheese, avocado & cilantro

I could go on forever. Get creative, and have fun!

photo 4

Lunchtime Roll Ups

Ingredients (for 1 roll up):

2 slices of oven roasted, no salt added turkey

3-4 slices of cucumber

4-5 leaves of baby spinach (or arugula, kale, etc)

1/4 of a small avocado

Hummus of any variety (for this particular I used a spicy sun dried tomato/basil)

Dijon mustard

Black pepper

**I also tried one adding a little bit of store-bought mango chutney from WF. It was divine, but some sugar added in the chutney so I didn’t go crazy with it**

photo 1


1. Take two slices of turkey, and lay them flat, overlapping about halfway. Overlapping them makes the recipe a little less messy, while also packing more protein into every bite.

2. Lay down any sauces – in this instance, spread your hummus & dijon mustard on the turkey.

3. Add your veggies. Layer the cucumber, spinach & avocado on top of the hummus.

photo 2

4. Sprinkle black pepper on top to taste.

5. Delicately fold both sides of the turkey up and over the veggies, similar to how you would fold a burrito. If you try to roll it too tightly, or try to roll it like sushi, the turkey will rip and you will have avocado and mustard smeared all over your counter and cutting board. Not that that happened to me or anything. Just a hypothetical of course.

photo 3

Enjoy your healthy, balanced & quick lunch!