May 08

DIY: Sunny Bar Stool Makeover

When I got my first apartment after college, I was just happy to have it. It was about 500 square feet that I shared with my college roommate, two blocks from the beach, and in walking distance to plenty of bars. My design athestic…let’s just say it didn’t really exist. Our place was filled with hand me downs and Target/Ikea sale items.

As I’ve grown older, I splurge on items from time to time to update my home. But I’m all about a good remake.

These barstools have been in my family since the early 1990’s (no joke), and a couple of coats of sunny yellow spray paint made them current, classy, and added the perfect brightness to my breakfast bar.

DIY: Spray Painted Barstools

Materials Needed:

– 1 can of white primer spray paint

– 2 cans of yellow spray paint

– fine grit sand paper

– drop cloth or newspaper to protect your surface


Step 1: Lightly sand the wood you are using. Make sure to wipe it clean and dry.

Step 2: Spray a coat of white primer onto the bar stools. Make sure to spray slowly and evenly, from about 6-8 inches away. This helps cut back on drips. If you chose to do 2 coats of primer, wait 10-15 minutes between for drying.

Step 3: Spray on a coat of the yellow spray paint, again, moving slowly and carefully to avoid drips. Did you drip? You did? That’s okay – just wait for it to dry, lightly sand that area again, and respray. Wait 15-20 minutes between coats and then apply your second coat.

Step 4: Let dry completely before bringing back into your home! Enjoy your new sunny bar stools!