March 25

Travel Workouts: Phoenix Edition

Hi from Arizona!! I’m in Phoenix this week for the NFL Annual Owners Meetings.  Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy diet on the road can be tough. I’ve written about staying in shape while traveling here, but I thought take a second to share with you guys my workouts for this week. I of all people know how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to get into the habit of having to work out alone when you are traveling, so hopefully by seeing my little workouts it will help some of you guys come up with your own!

Sunday 3/22: I arrived in Phoenix late, cranky and hungry. Baaad combo. #stayoutofashleysway #whywasmy50minuteflightdelayed3hours.  Instead of doing a traditional workout, I geared up my app, Yoga Studio, and chose a 30 minute advanced vinyasa flow. If you don’t own this app, I would recommend it if you like yoga. The classes are easy to follow, and you can choose different levels of difficulty as well as different lengths (15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hr).  I just did this in my room and it was a great way to re-set my attitude before work kicked into high gear.

photo 1

Monday 3/23: The hotel that I’m in (although gorgeous), didn’t have much of a gym. Lots of machines, NOT a lot of space for free weights or to do anything extra, and definitely no materials resembling anything CrossFit related. #bicepcurls #treadmills Luckily, there was a small space right outside the gym that I was able to use. I grabbed a 25lb. medicine ball and planted myself outside. It was a little too hot to do any kind of running, so I stuck with a mostly bodyweight workout:

6 Rounds:

10 Burpees

10 Goblet squats w/medball

20 kayaks w/medball (each side)

20 sprinter sit-ups (total)

This took me a little over 10 minutes. It was so hot, I was thinking “is there altitude in Phoenix? Is that why this is hard?” No dodo bird, that is not correct. Opposite. Oh well, next time.

Tuesday 3/24:  I had a break from 8-9AM this day, so luckily I was able to squeeze something brief in before it got too hot outside. Another lucky break was that Nike was sponsoring the Owners Meetings, and in my little “gift bag” there was a jump rope and a resistance band! It’s the small things in life people. The property at my hotel was huge, so I went way out to a lawn on the side of the hotel and did:

5 Rounds:

Long, flat run (NO clue how many meters…I would estimate the run probably took around 90 seconds each round?)

30 double unders

30 second plank hold

25 steps each way with resistance band around ankles

I do not know how long this took me. Too long. That is all I have to share.

Nike saves the day!

Anyways, I was hoping that by sharing this with you guys it might help inspire some of you that although you might not have a lot of time, a lot of energy, or any equipment, there’s still some things you can do on your own. And remember, even if all you can give is 25%, 50% whatever — it’s more than doing nothing. Your body (and mind) will thank you.